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Aug 28 11

What men expect from woman

by datingwomanguide

There are actually quite a few things that men expect from women. Being able to understand each other is something that is crucial in a relationship or in the bedroom. Make sure that you understand what a man expects out of a woman.

Asking Out

There are many women out there that expect a man to approach her to ask her out. What many women do not realize is that some guys are too nervous to ask a girl out. If they really like a girl then they will more than likely not be able to do more than smile and flirt from afar. Give a guy a chance and approach him sometimes.


If you are in a relationship with a guy then he needs you to know that he needs to be told things. If you don’t like that he is doing or saying something then let him know. Playing games or expecting him to know what you are thinking when you are thinking is something that is unrealistic.


Men want the woman that they are having sex with to have a good time while in bed, many men may be will ing to share if the woman is open minded and wants to try swinging. This is something that they will typically need some help with. If you like what he is doing then tell him, if you don’t like something then also let him know. He will never be able to help you to reach orgasm if you fake it or if you don’t let him know how you are feeling during the act.

Jul 1 11

First love

by datingwomanguide

Everybody has a special place in their heart for their first love. Even if it didn’t work out it is difficult to forget the feeling of being in love for the first time. There are a lot of ways that people cope with losing their first love. Knowing how to move on is something that can be a difficult thing to do.

Young Love

Your first love is typically something that happens whenever you are younger. You will find that this is something that can also be called young or “puppy” love. This is something that can end up meaning that you simply think that you were in love. Of course this is the last thing that 2 young people in love want to hear.

Fast Love

Your first love can be one that is incredibly fast. Many people that experience love for the first time has a difficult time being able to slow down their emotions long enough to figure them out. This is why it is difficult for a first love to last as long because the feelings are typically jumbled and difficult to understand.


Your first love is your first taste at what it feels like to be in a serious relationship. You will find that there are a lot of different things that you will learn about yourself as well as about relationships whenever you fall in love for the first time. It can be the most exhilarating and overwhelming times of your life. No matter how long your first love lasts it will be something that you are never able to forget.

Jun 29 11

Being dumped by your partner

by datingwomanguide

Being dumped by your partner is something that can be difficult no matter what. Being rejected by somebody that you are in a relationship with is painful, embarrassing and all around unpleasant. However, there are a few things that you can do to try to make it a little more tolerable.

Know Why

You always need a reason from your partner as to why. This is something that can help you to get closure from the entire relationship. Whether they are not happy anymore or they thought that you both fought too much it is important that you know the reason as well. It will help you to cope better.

Don’t Beg

No matter how much you want to be with your partner you will always need to know when it is over. Do not try to beg or plead with them. They may end up taking you back but it will only be out of pity. Resentment is never far behind when pity is involved. The best way for you to keep your dignity is to accept what has happened and move on.

Move On

Even if the break up was unexpected on your behalf you will need to try to move on. You will find that pining over old photos or going to the place that you had your first date can be something that is only going to make it a lot worse for you. Try to not live in the past and focus instead on what your future has in store for you.

May 3 11

Knowing When to End a Relationship

by datingwomanguide

While many people believe in the idea of true love forever, it’s not always a reality. Sometimes relationships that are perfectly healthy can suddenly be over. There is no magic formula for knowing when a relationship is over, but there are a few things you can look for.


If you are feeling emotionally abused, or there has ever been violence, it’s time to end the relationship. It’s not wise to do this without support. Find an organization that help you out.

Big Changes

As time goes by, people do change. Your core belief systems should not change. If you find yourself needing to try to make big changes with who you are to hold your partners interest, it’s probably a good idea to reassess the situation.


If you feel lonely even while with your partner, this is a sign of growing apart. As couples grow apart they share less and less, and will end up spending less time together. If you’ve addressed this issue to no avail, it may be over.

Clinging to the Past

If you find yourself walking down memory lane to feel those feelings of love that you used to have, you need to ask yourself why those feelings aren’t there now. As couples grow together, the emotions should grow as well. If you have to think about days gone by to feel in love, it’s a pretty good indicator that you’ve grown apart.

You’re Thinking of Straying

If you find yourself constantly thinking about being with someone else or swinging, you’ve pretty much already made up your mind. At this point, you’re just holding on something that has been gone for a while.

Apr 11 11

Accepting rejection

by datingwomanguide

Accepting rejection is something that is not an easy thing to do. You will find that getting rejected is never easy. There are a few things that you can do that can help you to move on past this and not become bitter or unable to put yourself back out there.


There is nothing to be ashamed of whenever you put yourself out there. You will find that this is something that not a lot of other people are capable of doing. Being able to put your fears aside and walk up to a person that you like and tell them how you feel takes a lot of courage. Pat yourself on the back for this, no matter what the outcome.

Don’t Give Up

Being able to not give up is the most important part of accepting rejection. You will of course be upset that the person that you had your eye on turned you down but this does not mean that the next person you want to ask out will do the same thing.


It can be difficult to take a rejection a lot more serious than what it really is. However, if you are simply able to take it in stride then you are the winner in the end. Rejection hurts there is no other way around it. However, if you can brush it off and see that it is simply a bump in the road then you will be a lot better off in many different ways.

Mar 4 11

Healing a broken heart

by datingwomanguide

Healing a broken heart can be something that is difficult for a lot of people. You will need to understand that this is something that is a process and is not going to heal overnight. No matter how long or short you dated a person, if you cared about them; it is going to hurt when you break up.

Don’t Rush

It is always important that you do not rush this process. Make sure that you take the time to accept that it happened and move through the inevitable pain of dealing with it. If you immediately move on to the next relationship then chances are it is only prolonging your pain.

Have Fun

This is one that may be easier said than done. However, if you sit at home sad and missing your ex then it is going to take a lot longer to heal. Allow your friends to come get you and take you out. Your friends can be your greatest distraction when it comes to dealing with a broken heart. Enjoy the things that you didn’t usually get to do with your ex. Watch whatever you want on television and listen to your music as loud as you want.

Better Off

No break up is complete without the stopping to think about all of the things that bothered you about your ex. After a little while of thinking about how he never did the dishes or how she hated your friends will help you to feel a little better and get a little bit closer to moving on past your ex.

Feb 19 11

Rushing into a relationship

by datingwomanguide

There are several reasons why rushing into a relationship is a terrible idea. You will find that it can cause you to make bad and sometimes difficult to reverse decisions that you will have to live with for a long time to come.


If you feel that you and this person are meant to be together forever then what is the rush? So many people think that they should rush into having children or getting married with somebody that they have only known for a few months. Chances are if your assumption is right, you will fine waiting a few years to make these decisions.


You will need to make sure that you are making good decisions in this relationship. Sometimes it can be difficult to see outside of yourself and the relationship. It is times like these that you should ask the advice of your friends and family. If they all seem to be in the same boat about how fast you are moving then you should take it to heart.

Clouded Judgment

Sometimes, people just want to be in a relationship so bad that they do not care who it is with. This is also true for people that have a strong physical attraction to a certain person. They are unable to see what they are doing and that they are not making the best decisions for them or the relationship. The biggest problem with this is that you do not normally know or understand that it is happening because you are unable to see past this relationship that seems so perfect.

Jan 23 11

Where to meet someone and what to avoid

by datingwomanguide

If you are looking for places to meet somebody then it is a good idea for you to know what to avoid. You will find that there are a lot of different options out there when it comes to meeting somebody.


It is becoming more and more popular for people to meet online. You will find that being able to have a large selection of people that are also interested in looking for relationships can be really beneficial to you. Something that you should look out for is the scams and the liars that are online. Make sure that the site that you go to is one that is credible and that you feel you can trust.

Speed Dating

Speed dating can be a lot of fun. You will be able to meet several different people in a short amount of time. You can swap a few bits of information to each other and you can then decide if you would like to go on a regular date in the near future. Just make sure that you steer clear of the people that you don’t get a good first impression of. Even if there is a physical attraction there stick to your gut feeling.


Just going out on the town can usually give you a pretty good selection of people to choose from. You will find that bars and clubs are typically very popular when it comes to meeting people. Just be aware that a lot of people at bars and clubs are not looking for anything more than a one night stand.

Dec 11 10

Think you’ve had a bad date?

by datingwomanguide

If you think that you’ve had a bad date then there are very few things in the world that can make you feel better. You will find that it can be difficult to recover if a date was bad enough. Whether you didn’t like the person you were on the date with or you embarrassed yourself there are a few things to keep in mind.

There Have Been Worse

Always remember that there have more than likely been worse dates out there. To cheer yourself up, go online and search bad date stories. By the end of the night you may find that yours wasn’t actually half bad.

Can You Recover?

Do you want to recover? This is something that you are going to need to keep in mind. If you really want to go on another date with the person that you shared the bad date with then you need to think of some ways that you can recover from this. Be honest and acknowledge that the date was bad with this person and ask if they want to give it another shot.

You’ll get Over It

It may seem like you are never going to get past this one bad date. Chances are this is something that you and your friends will end up laughing about a few months down the road. A bad date is something that everybody has been through. The best thing you can do is dust yourself off and move on to the next.

Nov 8 10

Jump start your find for true love

by datingwomanguide

If you feel that you are ready to find your true love then you are going to need to keep a few things in mind. Jumping in head first is something that can end up causing you to make bad decisions or simply come off too strong.

Wants VS Needs

It can be easy to make a list that is 3 feet long on everything that your perfect man or woman will have. However, it is unrealistic and something that you are going to need to understand before you begin to search. Just because somebody is tall and blonde does not necessarily mean that they are your true love. Make sure that you go past looks whenever you are searching. There may be a short brunette that is perfect for you right around the corner.

Take Your Time

If you are in a rush to find your true love then this is your first problem. Remember that these things cannot be rushed. You will need to take your time and make sure that you get to know somebody before you make this decision. Going too fast is something that can cause you to prematurely pick the person that you think is the one.

Where to Look

Something that you can do to help you find your true love is knowing where to look. Many people think that going online is something that is seedy and can’t be trusted. This could not be further from the truth. More and more people met their true love online. Going to bar after bar is not usually be best way to find true love material anyway.