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Coping with being alone

by datingwomanguide on October 18th, 2010

Coping with being alone is something that can be very difficult to do at first. If you are used to being in a relationship then suddenly finding yourself outside of one can be a hard thing to get used to. However, you will find that there are different things that you can do to cope with not having a current partner.

Stay Positive

Think of the things that you can do that you weren’t able to do before. When you are in a relationship you tend to neglect your friends and not get to go out with them as much. You may also find that you don’t get to watch whatever you want on television and it is harder to have a night to yourself. You have a lot more freedom when you are single.

Bad Qualities

Think of all of the things that your ex did or said that you didn’t like. If they had an annoying trait, then think about it whenever you begin to miss them. You will find that these are things that will help you to move on and will allow you to be able to enjoy not having them around.

Know Yourself

When you are not in a relationship you will actually have the chance to get to know yourself. While you tend to learn a lot about yourself while you are in a relationship you will be able to figure out even more when you are out of one. Think long and hard about what you want in your next relationship but enjoy being single while you can.

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