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Physical Attraction

by datingwomanguide on October 11th, 2010

Physical attraction is something that can really cloud the judgment of those looking to make a connection. You will find that whenever you meet somebody that is very attractive that you may end up not noticing that they are annoying or not your type at all. However, if you meet somebody that you are not attracted to then you may not notice that they have a great personality or can make you laugh.


It is of course something that is important. You want to be able to be attracted to the person that you are with. If you are not then it could make sex less than fun or kissing a chore. However, if you end up being only attracted to the person that doing anything other than having sex or kissing can be excruciating.

Friend Material

If you find somebody that you are not at all attracted to but have a lot of fun with then you have a difficult decision in front of you. You will need to figure out whether or not this person is friend material. No matter how much fun you may have with a person you cannot make a relationship work or last if the physical attraction is not there.

Fling Material

If you find that a person is gorgeous but a bore to be around then a relationship should not be forced out of this. You do not need to try to make this person be interesting or funny just because they are fun to look at.

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