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What men expect from woman

by datingwomanguide on August 28th, 2011

There are actually quite a few things that men expect from women. Being able to understand each other is something that is crucial in a relationship or in the bedroom. Make sure that you understand what a man expects out of a woman.

Asking Out

There are many women out there that expect a man to approach her to ask her out. What many women do not realize is that some guys are too nervous to ask a girl out. If they really like a girl then they will more than likely not be able to do more than smile and flirt from afar. Give a guy a chance and approach him sometimes.


If you are in a relationship with a guy then he needs you to know that he needs to be told things. If you don’t like that he is doing or saying something then let him know. Playing games or expecting him to know what you are thinking when you are thinking is something that is unrealistic.


Men want the woman that they are having sex with to have a good time while in bed, many men may be will ing to share if the woman is open minded and wants to try swinging. This is something that they will typically need some help with. If you like what he is doing then tell him, if you don’t like something then also let him know. He will never be able to help you to reach orgasm if you fake it or if you don’t let him know how you are feeling during the act.

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